Brooks 1890 at Court Square, 2428 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens 10/13/16

This place has been tempting me since I’ve started using the E train at the Citi Bank building. Is it a pub? An Italian restaurant? A great place to eat & visit?

I say a resounding “Yes” to all three things.

Interior: Gorgeous bar area, with carved mahogany wood throughout, with classic lines that still shout to 1890, when Brooks first opened. Warm, elegant, also with a kind nod to the street-friendly LIC. All are welcome here. I saw construction men at the bar, and lawyers & professional types from Citi Bank at the tables.

Brooks 1890 offers specials and a $6 Soup of the Day. Today’s pick was Manhattan Chowder. (Unfortunately, I didn’t try it; I don’t like clams). However, it’s a pretty good deal for everyone on a budget.

Brooks  1890 is known for its Italian specialties and steak. I tried the Penne Alla Vodka, since it’s a good median pasta dish. Most times when I usually order this, I either get  a vodka sauce that’s too gummy and thick, or glassy, which it’s so thin it covers hardly anything. Fortunately, today’s sauce was a happy medium: Al dente penne noodles with a great bite, the sauce the right thick-ish consistency, perfectly balanced with the garlic, fresh basil, tomatoes, cream & a touch of Vodka.

You will need some bread to sop this sauce up! (Fabzio, my cute & courteous server with a great Italian accent, did eventually bring me some bread, after I was eyeing the bread basket at the neighboring table…I wonder why he didn’t bring some right away?)

I must come back again, to impress some friends & try some steak. (Maybe the next time I get paid…)


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