Shocked by grief (The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s), 10/26/16

Eydie Wiggins, a beloved worker and friend of LPA for 32 years, died in her sleep last night.

She was just like sunshine, with a ever-present smile, and a killer fashion sensibility; she always was perfectly coordinated with her clothes and accessories. The only thing I didn’t like about Eydie, was her high metabolism. She could eat a ton a food and not gain a single pound…and so tall, and beautifully straight, black hair! (In her 50s)

What really kills me is that she was raising teenage daughters. I don’t know if she was married or not, but, damn, I can’t stop thinking about her kids…

The awful shock of grief that me and my co-workers felt when we first heard the news this morning still lingers. I hate that we are not at LPA; they had a remembrance at 1 pm up there. I hate feeling helpless, and not knowing the answers: Why did she die? How did she die? Why her?

And, she was the last person I said goodbye to on my last day at LPA. She gave me a big, bear hug and smiled, even though she was sad for me leaving. We just never knew she would be the one that would be leaving forever.

After I sent some condolence words via email to LPA, I left work for lunch.   I don’t know if Eydie was a lover of doughnuts, but I think she would have approved of me having them for lunch.

One of the Doughnut Plant’s savory doughnuts (not a typo; it’s real) is based on a Indian samosa. It’s a potato mixed with herbs and turmeric (though a bit bland for my taste, could used some more curry flavor) inside fritter dough, topped with raw carrot. Very tasty. Could have used some green sauce…

Dessert was Apple cinnamon doughnut with apple cider. Yum. Tart and sweet.

2 thoughts on “Shocked by grief (The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s), 10/26/16

  1. Ummmm what does this got to do with Eydie? This donut? Doesn’t make any sense … & she wasn’t raising teenage daughters … One is they are adults now . One 21 & the other 25. 🤔🙄


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