Curing moon sickness the Spanish way: Don Tapas @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, NY 11/15/16

I can’t explain it, but every time when anything unusual happens in the heavens, it has a negative affect on me. Sunday-Monday’s Supermoon (this close to the Earth next time in 2034!) made me feel “flattened”, as if I was run over by a steamroller. I must be “astronomically-challenged”….so I stayed home, took some Midol, and prayed for deep, deep sleep.

Today, all is good, besides the monsoon outside….all traces of my moon sickness are gone. Yay!

I can’t go far due to the rain, and I was craving chicken & rice soup. Since I’ve came to Queens, I haven’t found a decent cup of chicken & rice soup YET. (Gentle readers, who do work with me, if you do know where I can find such soup, please let me know. Winter is coming.)

Luckily today, I was fortunate to find at Don Tapas the special of the day: Pollo & Arroz: roasted Don Tapas chicken marinade, sofrito rice & salsa criolla. It’s raw ingredients of soup without the water, Spanish style.

I can smell the raw slices of Vidalla onions mixed with fresh cilantro (salsa criolla, a Spanish on a South American salsa) instantly as I opened up the package. Under the onions, a marinaded chicken thigh (can’t tell the marinade; maybe a vinegar-based sauce) slow roasted to goodness, and the rice was flavored with pimentos, garlic and chicken broth.

It was wonderfully good, just what I needed to keep on trucking. (Humm, I need to brush my teeth later…)


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