The food cure, or, In lean times, one should depend on one’s neighbors: Good Neighbor Queens and Juice Press @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 12/21/16

It’s the first day of winter. The sun shines like the moon through the clouds around noontime. It’s almost gloomy. The only gloomy thing in my life right now is limited funds (until Friday), and, of course, the political current our country is currently in. 

(Okay, now I’m officially depressed. Thanks a lot America!)

Good food is in order; am still healing. At least tonight’s nighttime is the longest of the year, so the daylight will be coming around again. Good suppliers of such mental and nutritional sunshine today are actually next-door neighbors: Good Neighbor Queens and Juice Press…

From GNQ, I ordered homemade  lemon-flavored hummus, which was dusted with plenty of black pepper and flavored with lemon juice, tahini and ample garlic. I also bought crackers and a golden delicious apple. The hummus was creamy, fragrant with Mediterranean good tastes and textures. The apple was sweet, juicy, and simply good. Good Neighbors indeed!

I tried Juice Press’s Fountain of Youth, a smoothie that contained strawberry, coconut water, banana, raspberry, blueberry, agave, hemp protein (really? that’s a thing?) and coconut oil.

This purple concoction is really, really good. (However, it’s not a good palate mix with hummus…)

I hope this dash of protein/vitamins will keep me going for the rest of of the workday, since I’m working late.

Enjoy! Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

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