Spooky Friday: Stolle Bakery and The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 12/23/16

Before lunch, I thought the only spooky thing about Fridays before a holiday (4 days off! Yes!!) was the rampant productivity. I was getting in a groove at work, people decked out in red and green finery, and treats were abundant at the water cooler. No senioritis here today.

However, some lights were out at Falchi’s…

A few eateries were indeed closed until the 26th (no surprise there), but then, I noticed, even with the lights turned off at Stolle Bakery, there were packing boxes strewn everywhere, and there was some movement bustling in the back room. The pies on display were cut in wedges, waiting for any customer to take them home. Notes written in Cyrillic were scattered on the counter. It was very spooky…

Eventually, another blond Russian miss came in to take my order of potato pie (potatoes, onions, mushrooms and a light sour cream sauce in a latticed golden crust). 

She served it cold; the ovens were turned off. Only coffee was available. 

“You must have your hands full with all the orders,” I commented, gesturing towards the boxes.

“Yes…but it’s bad when a lot of people got laid off before finishing them…” she answered, shrugging.

Oh, my. This is rough. My heart fell out of my chest; I had no idea what to say next. For now, I can still provide a sale for the others who were left still working. I hope the others will be okay this holiday season. 

(And, the potato pie is still excellent cold.)

At Doughnut Plant, the lights were also off, but the workers were still working away, smiling, while dealing with the faulty audio system, which was also spooky…

I inquired about the Menorah Ripple:

“It’s four different yeast doughnuts of various sizes cut in half, and then fused, into a shape of a menorah. Two of the doughnuts are filled with blackberry jam, and all are dipped and laced in icing.”

Sold. “So, why don’t you sell them here?” (Denied!)

“They are too big to make.”

(Well, it looks like I need to take a trip to Chelsea this weekend and bring my husband along for the ride.)

Meanwhile, I ordered the Gingerbread Man Doughnut, because in my mind, all forms of gingerbread are holy items. It was very delicious!

Enjoy! Happy holidays!

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