Beany goodness: Karu Cafe @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 1/18/17

Is it just me, or is a Sloppy Joe with Swiss cheese sounds weird?

After becoming temporarily flummoxed by today’s Don Tapas special, I decided to try greener pastures, anything without cheese.

Since I had my first arepa a month ago, Karu Cafe had a rave review in the newspaper, according to one of my friends.

(I don’t believe I have much clout or the authority to sway any major publication, as of yet…I was simply glad I got discover this place when they were still under the radar.)

Nancy, the wonderful Venezuelan owner/cook, heated up an arepa (a savory maize flat cake) on the grill, and heated up some black beans.

“Do you want cheese?”

Nope, not today. The beans will enough, ($6.50) and they were runny and sticky (as most black beans turn out to be), but still really delicious. Awesome beany goodness.

Topped off with some green tea, it was a great lunch.


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