Resetting my stomach: Khao Man Gai @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 2/15/17

Valentines Day 2017 was not kind to my digestive system. My fault really: I’ve been binge-eating V-day candy for three days before the “blessed day”, and my stomach said “Enough!” by giving me slight  diarrhea yesterday morning and extreme acid reflux during last night choir rehearsal. 

I’m getting older; my body is at war with the food I currently digest. The days of binging sweets are over (until next year…)

So, I’m setting my stomach back to square one thanks to Thai chicken soup (Gai Toon) from Khao Man Gai. It’s a hearty sweet broth, filled with tender, slow-cooked chicken, rice noodles, Chinese celery, Thai basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, and red pepper flakes (with other spices).

This soup demands to be slurped slowly, the flavors are intense, playful, and so satisfying.

I hope everyone did have a great Valentines Day; just keep your candy consumption and wine drinking in moderation, please. (Your stomach will thank you)


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