Never is a lazy eye allowed at lunch: Stolles Bakery @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 2/21/17

The single servings at Stolles are now different from those portions sold in 2016: the fillings are now stuffed in separate golden-dough pockets, each with its own crafted design.

The single salmon looks like it has an eye peeking out of a feather-like leaf (or wing?). The salmon makes it look like a pink iris is poking out to see me.

(It’s definitely no lazy eye allowed over there!)

The cashier was wide awake, with a careful, trained eyes upon the rest of the pies. She suggested a tepid bottled water instead of cold. 

(Most Europeans prefer their water only cold in summertime, which wasn’t surprising. It tasted fine…)

The salmon tasted fine as well, with a slight dill sour cream inside the pocket. It’s perfect for a light lunch.


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