3 tacos for Tuesday: Don Tapas @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/7/17

The Spanish ladies at Don Tapas will try anything. Sloppy Joe’s, macaroni, ham sandwiches, hot dogs with bacon, and now, the quintessential Mexican meal: tacos. And on a Tuesday! How awesome is that?

Their taco special comes with three kinds of tacos: stewed and shredded chicken with a spicy sauce, sofrito beef, and vegetables (black beans, corn and cauliflower), all with corn tortillas, red pickled onions, “special” guacamole (it really wasn’t that special, it was cream consistency out of a bottle), and creama, or sour cream, with a side of hot sauce.

(I ordered it without cheese. I didn’t miss it at all…)

I was initially expecting the best taco Tuesday ever, but…it was just fine. 

There was too much “special” guacamole paste and creama on it to choke a horse. Also, the sofrito beef was way too “sweet” in taste, and the texture was a bit gloopy. The chicken (it had a name, I forgot it, sorry about that) :(, was better in both taste and texture, but it was not what I was expecting. Definitely needed more pepper sauce, or something less “sweet”. The vegetables were just steamed; nothing else was done to them. So again, the tacos were great okay; just fine…

However, one of the new cake doughnut flavors at the Doughnut Plant is Strawberry. The cake had real diced strawberry bits in the batter, as well as the homemade icing. Delish! Happy Spring!


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