Rubbery, but still good: Pizza Sicilia (or Pizza Prezzemo), 31-25 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/9/17

The inventory is very dusty today. Then again, when you change projects, and now items are bigger and older (recorded in 1938-), so now breathing through the nose is now no longer a causal experience. (Thank God for Flonase…)

The line at the pizza place on my block is long and filled to the brim with students. Pizza slices, Snapple drinks and chatter were endless. I ordered 2 slices of mushroom ($3 each), plus a Snapple Raspberry tea. 

Total price of the meal: $7.50. 

The cheese was a bit rubbery today, but the mushrooms were nice and plentiful, and it still had a good crunch from the crust. The two slices were very satisfying.

I generally don’t feel blah today, but the allergy drugs, the dust and the cheese (tempered with Lactaid pills so I could eat) did deflate me somewhat, which sucks. I hope this Spring I could be able to breathe unaided sometimes; maybe for just one day…

Maybe it’s a little too much to ask. At least the pizza is good. About 7 different co-workers ordered pizza  today too ;).


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