U[not a] nic[e tac]o: Unico Global Tacos 31-31 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 4/24/17

Last Sunday I was craving a Slushie drink. I figured I could wait until Monday and then kill two birds with one stone, and try the newish artistianal taco place two doors down from the 7-Eleven on Thomson Ave., near by work. I could give Unico another chance.

Turns out, I really shouldn’t had, on both counts… 😦

Food fusion is often tricky. Unico has six types of tacos (or burritos, etc.) and they use a mixture of Indian/Mexican/Peruvian/Korean/American tastes. It’s a causal place, filled with young people and really bad club music on the radio. 

(I was becoming slightly allergic to the music…the last time I was there, I think I was allergic to their masala beans…ick)

Monday I bought one $3.00 Oxford taco (the American one, it’s a weird name): Southern fried chicken (once frozen, with cracker crust), with cabbage slaw (day-glo purple) & smashed potato mash (a Shimla, with turmeric, onion and green peppers, like a samosa filling) that wasn’t that interesting. The only thing that was good about the taco was the corn tortilla.

The Slurpee awaits! Alas, the only flavor that was available at 7-Eleven was Pina Colada. It was just okay, and it only cost $1.75.

So, two big misses on Monday. (Also, the first draft of this blog was deleted by accident, like this lunch).


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