Recovering from jet lag with BBQ: Rib in a Cup @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 5/30/17

Welcome back to America. I look rested, but I’m acting my ass off. At least, after two days of rest, both my body and brain now registers at EST (Eastern Standard Time), not GMT + 2 (Greenwich Mean Time, plus 2 hours, or CEST = Central European Summer Time).

I did experience some memorable meals while visiting in Italy and Germany, so this week I will report on them. However, I’m back at work today, and my writing-mind is, well (allora…), pretty sleepy.

Also, I was distracted by the new fried chicken sandwich offered at Rib in a Cup today. Ah, beautiful BBQ, how you tempt me so!

The crispy chicken breast, fried to perfection with a red glaze, was placed upon a sweetened brioche bun, that was toasted on s mini-waffle iron. Along with the chicken breast, coleslaw was piled on in the sandwich, and three slices of pickles were added.

I did make one small request: BBQ sauce instead of honey mustard. The mustard would had been delicious with the sandwich…but I am a BBQ snob, and the sauce that Rib in a Cup sells is good; more like a Heinz 57-type consistency, but still very good and spicy, like found in Texas barbecue, the BBQ I grew up on. 

This sandwich is satisfying and homey, it’s what foreigners are dreaming of when visiting America for the first time.

I still have the tastes of Italy and Germany locked in my mind and my palate, and I will report on lunches on 4-5 areas in Italy and one in Germany. Today, it was nice to be back home with some good BBQ.


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