Oh, Doughnut Day: The Doughnut Plant (Long Island City, Queens @ Falchi) and Doughnuttery @ Columbus Circle Turnstyles 6/2/17

Happy Doughnut Day! 

I didn’t have a set plan of attack today; I knew I could probably get a free doughnut somewhere if I was lucky.

At the Doughnut Plant, 1 free mini doughnut with sprinkles was offered with your purchase. I tried the new beverage on the menu: Coffee Milk, a cold espresso milk (mine was almond) with traces of chocolate and caramel. Yum! And the mini doughnut was light and delightful, vanilla cake with a simple glaze with rainbow sprinkles. Two bites and I was done…

Speaking of bites, I discovered the Doughnuttery by sheer accident; a friend suggested I should go to Dunkin’ Donuts for Doughnut Day. I went to Columbus Circle on 8th Ave., but Dunkin’ Donuts was no more. NOOOOO!!!!!

Deflated, I headed to Turnstyles, the 38+ stores in the 59th St. subway under Columbus Circle. 2beans coffee was unavailable, the machine was being cleaned. On the way out, I saw Doughnuttery.

“Hot, fresh, uniquely squared mini doughnuts.” 23 different flavors of sugar, and some dipping sauces. Mini-doughnuts (at least 6 in each batch, with 1-2 flavors) in each order, freshly made in front of you.

I ordered 6 (smallest batch), and ordered the Coco Loco (chocolate cereal and cocoa) and the Mulled Apple Cider (apple, orange zest, fall spices). The flavored sugars were very subtle; they didn’t overpower the tender fried dough. 

My hubby liked them. “I never heard of this place…” Now he will!


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