The Hungry Librarian

Ahhh, hello there.

For some strange reason (you are a kind co-worker, family member, friend or random person too interested in food blogs), you came here. Well, I welcome you. I imagine you have superior reading skills and have an exquite taste in films/music/medias.

If not, heck, come and stay awhile.

Why am I doing this? Yes, a really obvious question, indeed…but since I moved to a new workspace to Long Island, Queens, it’s a new place…and new places to eat. Also, many of my co-workers will eventually join me by the start of next year, so…some of them (not naming names) have designated me to be their “guinea pig”.

Yes, a pig, in retrospect, often does appreciate good and fair food. Still, a girl’s gotta eat!

So, thanks for reading this, especially if you happen to be visiting in Long Island, Queens. Over time, I will move and try stuff/places in more places. I’ll keep you posted.

Sincerely, The Hungry Librarian

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