The Burger Garage (Long Island City, Queens), 9/28/16


This place is reminiscent of a car lover’s refuge against the storms outside, the “garage” of yesterday, where construction workers, white-collared clerks and community college could eat in peace. The power of the automobile is alive and kicking in Long Island City, especially here. It’s a ballsy, testosterone-type of establishment, very popular, and fun.

Since this is my first week here (or first ride), I tried the portobello mushroom burger with sweet potato fries.

Fries: A great crisp, sweet flavor, hearty.
Burger: Didn’t disappoint; a great option for vegans (can order it with cheese), and it was very filling.

I will return to The Burger Garage sometime in the future to tackle the many meat items they have in store. My co-worker Camille has said their milkshakes were “insane!”

All in all, a great first visit in my first week in Long Island City.

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