Detox day: Juice Press (@ Falchi’s, Long Island City, Queens), 10/19/16

The mold from the 7 in. tapes at work are starting to effect me physically: red, dry, itchy eyes (though the drink after choir rehearsal with the gang didn’t help, and the random, piece of Schmutz that flew into my left eye in the subway last night…apples & oranges…who knows?), tiredness, dealing with breathing in a face mask (eck) to starve off the vinegar syndrome smell, washing my hands at least 20 times a day, and just feeling icky. 

Walking outside is bliss, especially on a sunny day. As I was walking while deciding what to do for lunch, I felt I needed to detox. Juice Press was a good place to start.

Today’s lunch was the “For the love of kale” salad; it includes quinoa, carrots, grape tomatoes, kale, arugula and raisins. Good for me, but, I really missed the salad dressing. Raw, extremely dry, and very fresh.

With it, I drank Juice Press’s “Game on! Lemon Lime raw juice blend. Very tart & pungent with the lemon/lime juice and the coconut water & nectar. I suggest to sip slowly.

And, I did also get a blueberry cake doughnut from the Doughnut Plant. (Ok, I’m not perfect. Or, on the other hand, blueberries are a superfood…right?)

It was delicious! So was the walk I took after lunch.


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