Thai Spring Salad for a rainy Friday: Khao Man Gai NY @ Falchi’s, 10/21/16

Rainy days don’t always get me down…but they sure are a nuisance, especially since I have no idea what to eat for lunch today.

Falchi’s is a block away, so off I go.

I noticed at Khao Man Gai, they posted their rave review by the New York Times in 2014: “One singular Thai sensation”, about their only dish at the time, the Khao Man Gai.

I already wrote about the dish in a previous post (Khao Man Gai NY (Sunnyside, Queens @ Falchi’s) 10/7/16)

Today, partly due to the rain & my experience at “HOOCH+NYspoiled: Paint the town pink” fundraiser for breast cancer research last night, I wanted to feel like “springtime” again, not wet and feeling “old”. (Seriously, everyone last night was in there 20s-30s. I order a free drink from HOOCH once a month, not once a day…)

Thus, the Thai Spring Salad, which tasted like springtime, indeed. A delightful medley of greens, mint leaves, vermicelli rice noodles, cucumbers, carrots, and zippy peanut dressing, with added chicken. The chicken was moist, with a bit of skin still on it (yum!)

A perfect way to end a busy work week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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