Khao Man Gai NY (Sunnyside, Queens @ Falchi’s) 10/7/16


I’m tired of chicken soup. Eating with a cold sucks.

However, today the sunshine is abundant on the roof of my workplace, and so are the flavors of this Friday lunch: the house special of Khao Man Gai NY, the Khao Man Gai, along with Juice Press’s Strawberry Shake blended smoothie.

This Thai dish is marvelous: tender, slow-cooked chicken (dressed in coriander) over jasmine rice (delicate & flavorful, with a clear broth with green onions, and a Thai sauce with the 4-5 elements of flavor: sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty. I poured the sauce and the  broth over the entire thing and dug right in.

In a word: superb!

An easy companion was the Strawberry Shake smoothie. Since I am lactose-intolerant, I usually am torn between eating said product and regretting it later, or sitting out on the sidelines and missing out eating the product, if I don’t bring Lactaid.

Luckily, this Juice Press smoothie is vegan. Oh, happy day! And sooooo delish and creamy, thanks to the almond/coconut milk!

All in all, my first working Friday at the new digs was quite delightful. On the roof, I sat and watched the 7 trains wiz by, the cranes on the building swaying in the breeze, and a hornet fly by my head (not great, until it flew away).

Until next time! Have a wonderful weekend.



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