After the meeting at The Morgan: Pret a Manger, 39th Street & Madison Ave, NYC, 10/28/16

Today is the GNYMLA fall meeting at the Morgan Library & Museum. Hosted by the incredible music department head Fran Barulich, the museum did not disappoint with exhibitions featuring art, music and writings by Hans Memling, Martin Luther, Charlotte Bronte and Jean Dubuffet. Check it out if you can.

After the business meeting/tour, I needed to eat. I checked out the museum cafe, which most of their lunch entrees hover around $17. Too rich for my blood. (Also, I didn’t want to repeat the MoMA debacle that happened earlier this month on Columbus Day…)

Check that post at

I walked updown on Madison a couple of blocks; naturally very congested. (Don’t ride the Q32 bus back to Queens at this time).

Then I saw a huge & beautiful Pret a Manger. YEEESSSSS! One great thing about this place, if you haven’t tried it out, is that every item in the place was freshly prepared on that same day. And, everything they make is incredible.

I bought a Slim Pret Chicken Avocado sandwich (one half, not two halves of a sandwich, a egg, spinach and quinoa protein bullet, a brownie bite, and a burnt sugar latte with soy milk.

Total price: $10.50.

It was superb! The chicken and veggies, were super fresh, and the fall-flavored latte tasted like burnt caramel, which was very pleasing to my taste buds.

(One little thing not so pleasing though in the Fall season: pumpkin spice lattes, or anything pumpkin spiced except pies or breads, is downright disgusting. I saw a Facebook post the other day about Pumpkin Spiced Wheat Thins. That’s just wrong on every level…)

And all of my lunch was consumed in under 10 minutes so I could take the Q32 bus…which I ended up ditching at 59th and Lex for the N train to Queens. Life is too short to wade through traffic.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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