Halloween eats at Dreamland: untitled @ The Whitney Museum, 99 Gansevoort St., New York, NY,10/31/16

Halloween is a weird holiday regardless, especially in New York.

Most people don’t get into Halloween at all, i.e. dressing up. I understand that during the working hours, and in the daytime (unless there’s soon awesome brunch costume party I don’t know about, kudos!), costumes won’t work. But Halloween night? Unheard of! I mean, isn’t it the whole point of the season, to assume a different persona so the nightwalkers/spirits don’t snatch your soul away? Or, just have the freedom and a creative license to be someone else for a while?

(Me, I fully believe in the latter. Luckily this weekend, I got to wear a costume twice this weekend. Score!)

Anyway, lunchtime on Halloween was pretty regular: I went back to the Van Dam Diner and ordered chicken tenders, which came with a refreshing salad (extra points for that), French Fries, and the tenders were freshly made, hot, crispy, with real chicken, and a very pleasing spice blend (salt, black pepper & something else) that reminded me of fried chicken Sundays growing up in the Southwest. The plate was HUGE!

Anyway, my husband and I avoided the Halloween Parade like the plague, and went to the Whitney, which was open for members. Hubby wore his regular suit with a tie that had a human spine on it. I was a little bit more creative; I was a reporter from the future with red hair. To my amazement and delight, most of the art lovers who came were in costumes; most of them were really good. I was finally home.

At the Whitney, we experienced the Dreamlands exhibit on the 5th floor. Very trippy, especially the Ben Crooley videoscape with 3-D imaging newly made in 2016. Another favorite one was Das Triadsche Ballett (Triadic Ballet), 1922/1970 by Oskar Schlemmer. I highly recommend everyone to come see all of the works.

After Dreamlands, Hubby and me went to dinner downstairs at untitled.

This is the most pretentious and overpriced food I’ve seen in a long time. Entrees were out; they ranged from $33-40 a plate. No way.  The appetizers (lemongrass shrimp ; stuffed sweet potatoes) were, well…a bit complicated. The shrimp came with a daikon patty covered in a thick, brown, lemongrass sauce covered in sesame seeds. Since I never had daikon before, it was confusing to deal with at first. Tasted good, but confusing. The bok choy saved the dish. The stuffed sweet potatoes were flavored with sumac (ick) and pimentos (double ick), and onions (just stick with the onions, please), and a dab of aioli on the plate, which didn’t it help at all. I gave the rest to my husband, who was eating beet salad (gross).  However, everything LOOKED beautiful.

So, a big swing and a miss for untitled.

After we ate, me and Hubby  went to the 3rd floor and drew heads, torsos and feet for “The exquisite corpse” game with others at the art studio. That was fun, and I don’t mind doing that again every year.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

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