Where’s the salmon?!: The Sushi Bar @ Columbus Circle Whole Foods, 59th St. & Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10023, 11/4/16

I had to do a follow-up exam at my doctor’s, thanks to some mishandling of my previous specimen by some unknown lab tech. And, another patient was probably having a baby, so I had to wait. Then, a car splashed mud on my first outfit of the today. Yuck…

So, freshly showered, I head to Whole Foods.

When I worked at LPA, I would get my lunch there once a week, usually a sandwich on the go. Today, I needed a GOOD lunch after my weird morning, so I stayed at the Sushi Bar. It was crammed-packed, but I managed to get a seat quickly. The sushi here is always excellent here.

I ordered the Sushi Combo: shrimp tempura with salmon and avocado roll; with miso soup included. Their soup is really wonderful: the seaweed is green and plentiful (very nutritious!) and the benito flavored broth (with fat pieces of tofu and chopped green onion) is comforting and tasty.

However, I did notice that my salmon roll was missing.

“Where’s the salmon?!” I asked the lady with the thick, feathery eye liner. She shrugged. Then I noticed my neighbors’ sashimi  combination: the salmon was not there either. Very strange…They made me a spicy tuna roll instead.

If this was another time, and I wasn’t trying to rush back to Queens to finally start my work day, I would had protested and demanded salmon, or at least ask about its whereabouts. Sigh.

I calculated that it would be at least 10 pm until I and my husband would eat dinner after my friend’s concert on the East Side, so I needed to eat regardless. And, since the sushi is fresh and made fresh…

I ate the spicy tuna with the shrimp tempura. Damn, it was delicious!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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