Vegetarian lunch (mostly in theory): Good Neighbor Queens @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 11/7/16

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday. Since it’s also Election Day and my chorus practice after work, we’re going out tonight to eat vegan food. We are not vegans (he’s mostly vegetarian for health reasons; I’m lactose-intolerant but still love meat), but for our birthdays, we like to go to a place where we don’t second-guess and ignore most the entrées on the menu (more often, appetizers) since we can’t eat them; where we CAN eat anything on the menu!

Anyway, I do need to clean up my act, somewhat. For those who do like to eat clean and organic, or at least grown locally, Good Neighbors Queens is a great place to check out.

The apples are locally grown in NY (Fuji, Honeycrisp and McIntosh), but it was hard to pick out one that didn’t have a bump or a bruise. The Honeycrisp I did choose did have one…oh, who cares? It was very sweet and juicy, and apples are a natural cure-all, so they say.

The egg salad (veggie? neutral?) was made with Royal mayonnaise, English cucumber and fresh dill, on whole wheat bread. Even though I did miss the sweet pickle relish I grew up with (also used in tuna salad), it was a really good sandwich: creamy, hardy with some crunch from the cucumber.

I topped off my lunch with unsweetened very berry iced tea. Yum, don’t need the sugar.

Speaking of sugar, I hope my hubby and I have a great night tonight. Happy birthday sweetie! I love you!


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