Cloudy day in Sunnyside: White Castle @ 43-02 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside, Queens 11/9/16

I woke up today and learned that Donald Trump was elected President. I’m shocked, confused, conflicted and scared. On the E train going to work, the subway car was dead silent. I don’t think anyone was breathing….

Also, today is the anniversary of the horrible night of “Kristallnacht”, the “Night of the broken glass”.

Some things we should never forget, like pogroms that aim to massacre and/or persecute another race/ethnic group, or how U.S. States like Pennsylvania decided to vote in favor of the Republican Party ticket; both are unexplainable and incomprehensible.

One thing I do want to forget is my lunch today at White Castle. However, I hope that I do remember the walk around Sunnyside, Queens, on this dreariest of days.

I had no idea to eat today. Wasn’t really that hungry, thanks to some Red Velvet Peter Pan Donuts my co-worker Crystal brought in from Brooklyn. (Insanely good!)

I needed to get away from LIC proper. First, I walked along Queens Blvd to 43rd Ave, near Bliss St. area in Sunnyside. I saw some possible places to eat, but nothing was beckoning me to come near…then, I saw White Castle….the only place that made a peep. Damnit.

I never grew up on White Castle; I remember chowing down on McDonald’s and Hardee’s, where we were poor and had no taste…this fast food Mecca chain is a completely different animal, due to the sliders.

I ordered 4 Bar-be-que chicken sliders (no applesauce available, denied) and a sweet iced tea. It turns out, to my surprise, that I didn’t need to order French fries or onion rings at all; each slider came with two tiny onion rings under the buns. A happy accident.

Many people came in and took care of their cravings today, but then quickly left. I don’t blame them; the place was a mess. The only clean table had the Nov. 4th newspaper of the Woodside Herald, talking about the Halloween Parade in Sunnyside.

(Wow, it seemed such a long time ago, when we were still happy and hopeful. Man, I need to get out of here)

I continued walking on Queens Blvd. to 48th Ave., where I found Greenpoint Ave. It peaked my interest, so I crossed over and went down on it.

Wow, such a vibrant place, even in the rain…it was full of life, and I counted 4 restaurants that I wanted to check out, all from 4 South American regions: Peru, Columbia, Paraguay and Ecuador.

I was loving the walk so much, I suddenly realized I was almost to to LI Queens Expressway (yikes!), and I turned into Hunters Point Ave. At this point, I was pretty lost. I crossed by a street filled with NYFD emergency vehicles causally parked in the street. Was I nearby a fire station? I had no idea.

I saw the spread of the Manhattan skyline right ahead. Okay, I’m going the right way. Suddenly, I saw Amy’s Bakery (or where they bake their stuff…). It reminded me of Carrie Piper back in LPA, who sold us delicious baked goods from Amy’s Bakery in the library cafe. (God, I miss her and my LPA friends. Hope they’re doing okay…)

Finally, I saw Van Dam St. Hooray! I know where I am!

So, all in all, I traveled 6186 steps = 2.96 mi. through Sunnyside alone. Not bad for a bad & cloudy day. I wonder what it’s like when it’s actually sunny outside?

Enjoy, even when you are troubled. (Note walking map below; it resembles a weird trapezoid)

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