Two pies on Election Day: Stolle @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 11/8/16

I was the 131st voter this morning at my polling place at 7:15 am. Wow. I actually witnessed a medium-sized argumentive confrontation with a poll volunteer/voter. I’ve never seen an Election Day so passionate with my neighbors, except when Obama was elected the first time, and back in college in Kansas, when I voted for the first time (Mr. Clinton was running).

Even in these passionate and revolutionary times like today, I am still stressed. I want America to make the right decision for the country. Also, I’ve made two scores of updates on my inventory today, and the day is not over…

It’s pie day for me. Sweet (and savory) Stolles, please don’t fail me now!

3 minutes later: Definitely no complaints here. Once again, Stolles is a master of comfort sweet and savory goodness.

(I couldn’t help myself…I had two great bites of the chicken pie before I remembered to take its picture…oops)

The chicken, along with its beautifully carved doughy cover, is filled with chicken, rice (yes, nice!), onion, dill and parsley in a light mayonnaise sauce. 

And the apple? So amazing….thin slivers of apples under a lattice-like pouch of dough, with cinnamon, nutmeg (?), and just a little sugar, to honor the American Classic with its subtle, Eastern European mentality.

I want to savor these flavors all day long, but time is a-wasting.

Happy Election Day (go vote!) and enjoy!

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