$5 lunch in a cup: Rib in a Cup @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 11/17/16

I need to eat something light and cheap today. Tonight I’m seeing Behzod Abduraimov, a young up-and-coming Russian pianist perform at Carnegie Hall. Hubby and I are eating before the concert before I will join up with my friend, so lunch can be on-the-fly.

Also, I need to try the goods at the other end of Falchi’s. Enough said.

Situated across from Rice and Chopsticks, Rib in a Cup reminds me of those eateries in a food trailer, outside of a sport arena or a full parking lot at a park during Renaissance Faire weekend. I looked at the menu: Rib in a Cup, Mac & Cheese, Fried chicken in a cup, Mac & Cheese & Waffles (seriously?), for around $3-4 bucks each, and some sides (I chose Cole slaw) for $1. Soda drinks/water was also $1.

I had the only thing on the menu that wasn’t pork- or cheese-based: Fried chicken in a Cup. Total price: $5.

Good news: The chicken leg was HUGE! And, the meat was juicy and tender. And sticky.

Bad news: I don’t think it was actually fried chicken. Yes, it was rolled in bread crumbs, but it was cooked in a very bland tomato sauce. At first glance, I thought it would be buffalo-favored…but, no.

(There were barbecue and honey sauces on hand, but I didn’t take any… I should had). However, the cole slaw was very nice; subtle, crunchy, a good palette cleanser.

So, it was tasty, but not what I was expecting.

(The friendly dude serving the food, wearing tatted arms and piercings, he was very nice and helpful. This would make a killing back in my hometown; it would have lines down the parking lot during the big game.)


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