Superfood for a non-super Friday: Juice Press @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 11/18/16

I’m exhausted for many reasons: late night rehearsals, labeling and taking notes on compact cassettes from various collections at the library (I did 70 items yesterday of Jerry Bock; today’s collection, The Joseph Papp Oral Histories interviews, is a real bear, due to mismanagement of tape labeling, noting what interviews got recorded on which tape(s), and figuring out what service CD goes with each one. Only 16 completed by lunch), a bunch of random stuff to do before the performances tomorrow, fielding calls/spending time with loved ones, and the usual brain-soupiness.

I need more sleep. I daydream of actually sleeping. However, right now there is no rest for the weary. Thus, vitamins are required.

Since Juice Press has its main plant at Falchi’s, I’ve been getting their freshly-made items twice a week for HALF the price than those charged in Manhattan, according to a very elegant middle-aged lady with gorgeous, bright red hair. “I live on the Upper East Side, and I would have paid over $6.00 for this juice in my neighborhood.” Here in Long Island City, the same juice cost $3.50. Excellent!

So, let’s see if these superfood items will spell out a “Super Friday”…

The Acai bowl (acai, maple coconut flake, date, blueberry, buckwheat, sunflower seed, coconut oil, almond, coconut nectar, cacao, walnut, maca, vanilla and sea salt) was sweet, smooth, and grainy at the bottom of the bowl, thanks to the buckwheat. It was a dish better suited for breakfast.

Juice Press’s Strawberry shake blended smoothie, as always, was delicious and creamy.

I topped my lunch with Kale chips (with sea salt) I bought on Monday morning at Starbucks during the “monsoon”. I happen to love kale, but in a lot of different brands I’ve seen at the supermarkets, there’s some really weird flavorings, like “cashew cheese with hot sauce”. Gross. The chips from “Rhythm Superfoods” (seriously?), were dark green, crunchy, paper-like, and tasted good. Sea salt was the perfect condiment.

Hopefully, I hope my hypothesis will be correct; that these vitamin-rich superfoods will wake me up for the rest of the day. Only time will tell….

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!


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