Was that enough garlic for you? or, It’s almost a pizza party: Pizza Sicilia on Thompson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 11/23/16

Okay, my original plan of eating nothing but sticks before Turkey Day is a total wash. I have many things to label, and miles to go before I sleep (including cooking for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.) So, with Lactaid pills in hand, I shuffle towards Pizza Sicilia (previously noted in an earlier post):


Weird…At the library, at least 3 people also got pizza today. It’s almost a growing trend. Also I’m saving some bucks; payday is Friday. I bought a plain slice (No mushrooms? Denied!) and 3 garlic knots for $1.50. Total price w/ drink: $5.25. Not bad.

The garlic knots are SUPER garlicky. Was it enough garlic for you? Perhaps, but it will mesh well with the homemade stuffing I’m making later.

Anyway, I wish everyone a delicious and happy Thanksgiving Day. No matter what the food will be, and how it turns out, I hope everyone is with someone(s) that they care about tomorrow.

Enjoy, and safe travels!

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