It’s dead here on Black Friday: 7-11 on Thompson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 11/25/16

I’ve always hated Black Friday, so I usually go back to work. This year, I’m saving up precious time and money for a big trip in mid 2017. Also, Black Friday shoppers are stone-cold crazy. This morning, as I was walking towards Columbus Circle at 7:30 am on my way to Queens, I saw a line of impatient shoppers snaking around my neighborhood Best Buy; that line almost hit Central Park. Crazy!

(However, if I had kids, then that would be the ONLY reason to join in the madness, thanks to the big deals. Since I’m still childless…forget it.)

Anyway, thanks to Black Friday, LaGuardia Community College is closed today, so hardly anything is open here on Thompson Ave. At Falchi’s only the Doughnut Plant was open. Depressing. (So I got a savory samosa doughnut…)

My co-worker Crystal was not enthused that the pizza joint nearby wasn’t open either. She had definite plans; too bad. 7-11 was the only place open. She got a sandwich with roast beef and cheddar; I picked up 2 hard-boiled eggs with sliced apples with peanut butter.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The food was okay (samosa doughnut was surprisingly good; should have been spicier or with more curry/green sauce), and the eggs and sliced apples were fine.

Still, it sucked:

Why, when a nearby organization, like a school, is shut down for the holidays, why then does the neighborhood have to turn into a ghost town? As a working person who has to (or, in this case, I chose to come in) work today, why do we have to grasp at straws to eat a decent meal close by, during a holiday weekend?

Luckily, Crystal and I had a great lunch. She hates Black Friday too. 🙂



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