Where did cole slaw first met the pulled chicken BBQ sandwich?: Don Tapas @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 12/12/16

This will be a crazy week for me, with 3 huge rehearsals looming for my big holiday concert with my choral group on Saturday.

Thank God tonight I have the night off, but my husband wants to go out to the movies, since we have officially become “boring”. 

(Okay, I’ll strongly disagree with his statement; I wrote a ton of holiday cards in over three days, and we have ASSEMBLED from scratch a new keyboard from a box on Sunday. It took 3.5 hours (two people are needed to assemble this thing) and we watched Empire Strikes Back on the DVR during the assembly party. Definitely not boring!)

So, as my head is still swimming from yesterday’s and this week’s upcoming activities, I decided not to wander too far at lunchtime this week. 

Embrace the familiar…so to Falchi’s I’ll go.

The daily special at Don Tapas was intriguing: BBQ pull chicken montadito = sandwich. The coleslaw was served on the sandwich.

I knew this was a Southern tradition (interesting, how this Spanish place stayed true to the original recipe without their own variation), but from where exactly? Where was coleslaw first married to the pulled meat sandwich? (Pork or chicken, it doesn’t matter).

According to an article in Southern Living, Memphis, TN was mentioned to be coleslaw crazy, while their neighbors in Nashville loved pickles on their chicken sandwiches. (Like in Chick-fil-a). It didn’t mention when the whole practice began, so let’s just leave it at Memphis.

Anyway, this particular BBQ chicken/cole slaw concoction was simply delicious. The sauce was mild, the slaw was creamy, and the brioche bun held all the bits in beautifully. (I suggest to eat the slaw first with a fork; it’s very drippy).

I also bought this typical Spanish holiday treat: Caramelo Turron guirlache (crunchy bars of almond and caramel), so I’ll share 🙂

I just hope I could survive the rest of this week. Only time will tell.


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