Wings before pizza: Pizzeria Sicilia, 31-25 Thompson Ave., Sunnyside, Queens 12/13/16

Today I found a vast of Lactaid pills in my purse. Hazah! It’s pizza day!

Besides the mushroom slice, my gaze fell upon the chicken wings at the pizza place.

Are they Buffalo wings or light barbeque? How hot are they? They were $0.75 each, so I figured, Why not? I ordered two wings with the pizza slice. It’s an investigation….

Upstairs at work, I met my co-worker Crystal, and we talked about our favorite pizza places as she watched me eat my pizza (excellent crunch of the crust, not too burnt; tomato and cheese ratio evenly matched, mushrooms were huge, so good!).

After Crystal left the break room, I ate the wings. They were buffalo, and spicy ones at that. Since I didn’t have any ranch/bleu cheese dressing, I made a mental reminder:

Eat the wings before pizza.


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