A bit befuddled: Karu Cafe @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 12/16/16

A very strange day indeed.

 My husband called me twice this morning; first, he was complaining about acid reflux, then later, he was slurring on the phone, as if he had a stroke. After trying to access the situation (asking him: “Does your limbs feel like pins & needles? Can you touch your nose with your two fingers? Can you move around? etc.) All was fine, he slurred, so I called his parent’s house and talked to his Dad, and waited…

I called back at noon. He was talking normally, and totally forgot about my call before because he was sleeping. SLEEPING?! Was it during the call?

“Did your Dad call you?” I asked him.

“Maybe he did, but I was sleeping…”

Hmmm…or, was I dreaming a bad dream? I don’t know. So, I’m still perplexed and befuddled…until I can call him back after lunch, I need to eat. 

Thanks to the two work parties scheduled tonight and my husband’s health, I’m eating light/comfort food.

Since a taco stand is no where in sight, and it’s too cold for a big walk today, I went to Falchi’s for an beef empanada at Karu Cafe. The beef is shredded, and garlic-rubbed, with some chopped boiled egg inside the golden pocket crust. It was delightful and great; even while eating absent-mindlessly with my hands, it was exactly what I needed. (It came with verde sauce; I didn’t need it)

I washed it down with a hot chocolate (from a powder; I ordered it so I could pay with debit card). Total price: $5.40.

I hope I do get some clarification soon, so I know he will be okay.

Until then, enjoy!

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