It’s a wrap, but not much: Van Dam Diner, 45-55 Van Dam Street, Long Island City, Queens 12/15/16

Sometimes the best intentions end up as a waste.

Tonight is the second choral rehearsal with orchestra, so I needed to eat a big lunch. However, I don’t know how and why this plan went suddenly awry. Is it because it’s so biting cold outside? Or that I’m still coasting on my day off yesterday?

Well, my selection at the Van Dam Diner didn’t help things. The Santa Fe wrap (grilled chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, tomato, carrots (they went missing) and balsamic dressing), it sounded healthy, like a grilled chicken salad in a wrap.

After tasting it, I realized why I never order grilled chicken salads: They taste boring. Cholo hot sauce couldn’t save this wrap, and neither did the sweet potato fries. (Again, I ordered them for health reasons…)

The fries were good enough.

However, I just couldn’t finish my plate. I just wasn’t that hungry for no good reason. It’s a very, very, strange feeling.



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