A good enough Yum Yum birthday lunch: Yum Yum Queens (Thai), 43-01 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside, Queens 1/3/17

It’s a new year, people! 

Today I had my birthday lunch with my awesome co-workers Thea and Camille. :). We braved the cold, cold rain to 43rd St. to check out Yum Yum Queens, their favorite Thai spot.

I felt some deja-vu when I walked in: it reminded me of its counterpart on 9th Ave. in Manhattan (Yum Yum Too) where the three of us worked at the Annex on 43rd St. years ago…

“The food’s better here than there,” Camille assured me.

(Cool. But then again, there were 3 Thai places on that same block on 9th Ave., two were Yum Yum’s…so I got confused for a minute…are we talking about the same restaurant?)

Nevertheless, this Yum Yum was good, just good enough. The decor was lovely: red and white orchids painted on the walls, and really interesting lamps.

Their Monday-Friday lunch special had many options: 1 choice of appetizer (Spring roll, Streamed Veg dumping, or Thai salad) and one item with your main course (Chicken/Pork/Tofu/Vegetable/Mock Duck = $6.50; Beef/Shrimp/Squid = $7.95; Scallop/Salmon/Soft-Shell Crab/Duck = 9.95)

Camille and I ordered the chicken with peanut sauce and broccoli with brown rice ($6.50), while Thea got the Pineapple fried rice with chicken ($7.50). 

All were good, a great deal. It was “good enough”. I wish I ordered something spicer, or at least some sciracha sauce on the side. Also, peanut sauce does not mix well with brown rice. (Soy sauce did save the day!)

Yum Yum Queens does deserve a return visit. It was a lovely birthday lunch with awesome ladies. Thanks Camille and Thea!


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