Working-for-my-own-living lunch: Brooks 1890, 24-28 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 1/4/17

I’m working late tonight, so not much rest for the weary or wicked (maybe slightly ;)). And, it turns out, both my mom and husband kept my attention busy during lunch via phone and Messager.

Thank goodness for Brooks 1890. The bar decor was not loud or pretentious, but classic, with wooden touches and warm colors. I was mostly undisturbed, aside from the cute waiter, who apologized for charging an extra $2 to change the vegetable. (No problem. I don’t do zucchini at all…)

Today’s special was Chicken Francese (French-style, I believe), which was 2 lightly-floured and sautéed chicken breasts with a lemon sauce, dotted with various fresh spices. It was served with mashed potatoes (underwhelming at best) and my suggestion of sautéed spinach with garlic. Consensus: Tres magnifique!

(Wait, I’m eating Italian…it’s deliciosiso! Okay, that’s better.)

And, since I skipped the wine and drank iced tea instead, I am extremely energetic now…I’m off to the races again!


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