A samosa & chai tea special, doughnut style: The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 1/12/17

The effects of yesterday’s cold are leaving my body slowly. General exhaustion has been downgraded to a benign sleepyness feeling that’s usually tolerable with work. (I need serious caffeine…why isn’t it Friday already?)

Unfortunately, the lines at my favorite eateries at Falchi’s are a mile long, so it’s doughnut day. At least the caffeine and the sweets will be substantial…

Their Samosa pods (like a long doughnut filled with curried potatoes and carrot slivers) were fine; very bland on the spices. 

“There’s a samosa/chai special available,” the overly friendly cashier informed me.

Okay, that sounds awesome…especially since they do make their chai tea fresh on the premises. It’s hot, creamy, and cardamom-y, ooommm yum yum!

Dessert was the green mache cake doughnut, the second flavor of the month honoring the anniversary of the Tokyo Doughnut Plant branch. “It’s only good if you like green mache tea,” the cashier pointed out.

I do like mache (a very heavy and hardy type of green tea), and the sweetness of the green glaze was a clean counterpoint with the chewy cake. Delicious!

Hopefully, lines will be shorter tomorrow (wherever I end up), but at least I feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the moment. 🙂


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