Is it really a good deal?: Lenny’s Pizza, 44-08 Greenpoint Ave., Sunnyside, Queens 1/13/17

Lunch is often afforded by opportunities given and/or taken.

Once again, the Queens side of the 7 train is closed at 33rd St. Thanks to this annoying development, and the windy cool-but-not-too-cold weather outside, I rode the M60 bus for the first time until Bliss Street; it took no time at all to get there. As I headed towards the wacky eateries on Greenpoint Ave. once again, I had no clue on what I was craving for lunch today.

Also, thanks to some other missed opportunities, I couldn’t get any Mexican (the closest one was closed for the day) and the other 2 South American restaurants chicken I was previously curious about, they seemed too far away today. I was at a loss, until I saw the sign for Lenny’s Pizza.

One of my co-workers told me that Lenny’s was very good while we were chatting at the office Christmas party. Still hazy on the details (like I was the following morning after the party, oops), I decided to give it a shot. (Lactate pills…check).

Lunch special was two cheese slices with a soft drink for $5. Sold. The menu was pretty intensive; there are many items to choose from, they offer free delivery and one can order food online on their website ( The restaurant was clean and spacious. When I poured some iced tea for the Coke tap, water came out instead. Okay…

(Also, there was no Parmesan cheese. What is it with Queens and their absolute hatred of Parmesan cheese?!)

So, I ordered the special. The pizza was fine. The cheese had incredible elasticity to it. Besides that, it was nothing really special to the pizza: the sauce was bland, and though the crust was crispy, there was no char to it. I missed the char. I don’t know if it really worth the $5.

Maybe…if I ordered one with extra toppings (they did carry an impressive selection), or had I ordered some pasta or anything else at all, would have it liked it more than I do right now? Who knows?

I will try Lenny’s again at a later date. Hopefully the 7 train will cooperate with me then.



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