Before the Nor’easter: The Burger Garage, 25-36 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 1/23/17

Big storm is coming; the winds are already here, and they are brutal by lunchtime. I’ve never seen a Nor’easter start off like this.

Today I took my co-worker Camille out to lunch. This is her last week before her retirement, and we are all sorry she is going. She is an amazing, warm, bright, motherly, classy and kind woman. We love you Camille!

(It may not have been the best idea to go out right before a nor’easter, but the Burger Garage was close by…Thank goodness for no rain, yet.)

Burger Garage’s lamb burger was really good: it was perfectly cooked, flavored with cumin, lemon juice, pepper and other spices, and was topped with onion, tomato, lettuce and tzatziki sauce, served on a potato bun. I also ordered the regular French fries; they were freshly fried from real potatoes. Simply marvelous!

(The unsweetened ice tea was good, but now I wished I had ordered something hot; it was so cold outside!)

Camille ordered a GB burger, which includes a beef patty with cheese, loaded and served on a potato bun. According to her, it was great.

It’s hard to say goodbye, whether it’s co-worker/friend, sunny winter days, or an beloved outgoing President, but, even when times do get tough, like with the nor’easter, we can walk with the wind, face the music, and keep going on…

Camille, good luck in your retirement. We love and will miss you.


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