A new favorite cold drink for colds: Pizzeria Sicilia, 31-25 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 1/24/17

Yes, I am being total wimp today. The rain is still poring down, and it’s SO COLD! Luckily the roughest of the nor’easter winds has started to die down, but only barely. My umbrella is safe. And, now I am safe at the nearby Pizzeria. 

One constant thing I find in most New York pizza shops is the dizzying variety of Snapple flavors offers. This time, I found a Carrot Orange. This is my first encounter with this drink; I usually find this in a blender. However, I do have a cold, and I don’t want to go to Juice press today (ok, maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.)

One slice of mushroom was available. Yes! Also, when one orders one garlic knot, you get three. (Very weird rule….). The pizza was covered in mushrooms, and the cheese was slightly rubbery, as most pizzas tend to be. The garlic knots were very garlicky and sticky.

Like most (or even all) Snapple flavors, the Carrot Orange was refreshing and delicious! This cold-stricken girl needs her Vitamins (A & C, but more A than C, see my eyes?) and some needed hydration.

I am slowly getting better, but I hope my lingering cold doesn’t move out too slowly, like a turtle. We’ll see what happens.


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