Best burger ever (this year): Bareburger, 48-19 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, Queens 2/1/17

On my first day here, some of my co-workers mentioned Bareburger, that it was amazing, and that they had to go to Brooklyn (Park Slope) on the G train to go there.

(Okay…according to Google, that’s a 52 min. train ride from Court Square, one-way. There’s a closer one to us on Vernon Blvd (11 min.). And there’s about 42 other Bareburgers, including in 5 different countries! Alas, there’s not one in the Southwest as of yet. Sorry Mom.)

This is great day to get out, if you don’t need to ride the 7 train today. However, I did…so after 2 really annoying delays on the way to Vernon Blvd., I finally reached Bareburger. This better be worth the journey.

It definitely was.

They have a $13 Lunch special menu with some great items. However, they can’t make any substitutions with the food items. Damn. So, I built my own burger:

A bison burger (I heard it was the best), with vegan cheddar, duck bacon (if you never had duck bacon, please go try it; I insist!), wild mushrooms, red onions, spinach leaves, tomato, ketchup and mustard on a seeded brioche bun. Along with the burger, I ordered onion rings and had a vegan milkshake made (more on that later).

It. Was. Heaven. It was my first bacon cheeseburger in 17 years. Hello, old friend, who got a facelift and became organic while I was gone. How are you? Oh, burger, I wish you were a bed, so I can lie in you all day.

The onion rings were crispy, fresh, HUGE, tasty and seasoned just right.

And, the vegan shake. It’s called the Coconado: Coconut milk and ice cream, avocado, lime juice and shaved coconut. So insanely good!

My server Alfonzo, was such a delight. His knowledge of the food items were both encyclopedic and obsessional. He made me feel right at home.

This is definitely not a cheap lunch. I’ll save this place for once-a-year, special occasions, because if I went there every day, I would end up weighing a thousand pounds. It’s that good.

(However, it’s not so good that the 7 train is running express to 61st Ave. I have to walk some of the way back. Then again, I can work-off the onion rings to the walk. Must walk more after work to burn off calories…)



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