No soup, but salad and “nuts”: Khao Man Gai NY and The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 2/23/17

I’m becoming slightly bored by soup. Yes, technically I’m still not well, but today’s offerings at Falchi’s didn’t entice me. Even the chicken tortilla soup at Don Tapas seemed “ho-hum” today.

However, I haven’t tried the Thai Spring salad yet.

“No chicken today, just tofu,” the cashier/owner of Khao Man Gai immediately apologized.

“I’ll have it without protein,” I said, mostly because I could save like two bucks right off the bat ($8). It was surprisingly sweet, thanks to the tamarind salad dressing that was loaded with peanuts.

The salad itself was basic greens with cold skinny rice noodles makeshifted into 4 mounds (1 to each corner), shaved carrots, cilantro, Thai basil, mint leaves and cucumbers. It was good and chilled; fresh and picquant.

(Its coolness made me miss the soup. My runny nose really missed the soup…will have soup for dinner, I promise!)

And two doughnuts…well, I had a salad, and I just couldn’t decide which one to get: Blueberry (it’s a superfood ;)) and Passion Fruit (a flavor for February that I’ve tried yet. It’s research, people!!)

I’m glad I keep going back to the cakes; they are definitely more subtle for sharper flavors, and less messy that the yeasts and cream-filled doughseeds. 

The Passion Fruit works if you are really a fan of Passion Fruit. Since I consider myself a mere acquaintance of Passion Fruit (It’s not Yuzu or chocolate!), it was good. 

Blueberry, however, you had me at hello. I’m your biggest fan!


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