Killing germs with spices: Spice, 47-45 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, Queens 2/27/17

I hope this week I will be riding the tail end of my cold. Sickness sucks a lot. Personally, I haven’t tried the Thai food at Spice yet, even though there’s a franchise close where I live. So, why today?

After the numbness of sickness does finally does leaves your body, and your brain then becomes clearer then you had felt for days (especially when your body starts to reject the over-the-counter medicines, ick), you tend to want to shake things up a bit.

Besides, they probably have marvelous hot teas at Thai places! ;). I’m still sneezing/coughing, so, there you go.

However, I don’t think this was true Thai cuisine. If Caesar salad was offered from the menu (I saw one young, Asian businessman scarf one down), it’s probably not a real Thai place, per se. But since I’m here, and have waited for the 7 train for 10-15 min. to arrive

They have a lunch special: free appetizer with entrée at $9.50 (or $10.25 if the main entrée is fish/shrimp). I ordered the Signature shrimp fritter to start: 4 golden brown fritters in pouches filled with ground shrimp and chicken, smothered in honey-chili sauce. It was so-so; There was hardly anything “signature” or special about it. If this was the favored appetizer at Spice, what were the others like, even less “special”?

I ordered some chrysanthemum tea and waited for my entrée: Siamese chicken fried rice, with jasmine rice, chicken, egg, scallions, tomatoes and white onion. (I figured in my weakened condition, Pad Thai or any of the curries would be a terrible idea.). It was good and warm, temperature-wise, and bland enough to fool the dullest consumer, which, in this case, is me today.

The worst part of lunch was waiting for the 7 train towards Flushing on the way back; we all waited at Vernon Blvd./Jackson Ave. for over 20 minutes, due to a delay with the trains. When it finally arrived, we burst into cheers, and sandwiched ourselves inside the train with the other passengers;  every time we stopped at a station, there was hoards of people, waiting as if this was the last train to come get them in a long while.

Was it worth it? Don’t know. Will the spices cure me? Doubt it…


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