Good food for a blah Wednesday: Khao Man Gai NY @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/1/17

The time of contrition in the Christian timeline has started today: Ash Wednesday. I’ve seen several people don ashes on their foreheads on the way to work, but that was in Manhattan. (People in Queens probably begin their reverence after work…)

My monster cold still plagues me. I wish I can give up being sick for 40-odd days…but since I’m not Christian, no such luck. I still feel blah, so it’s a blah Wednesday for me.

In lieu of soup, I chose the signature dish of Khao Man Gai NY: the Khao Man Gai, which is stewed chicken on rice, with a simple scallion-edged broth, and a spicy/sweet/sour/vinegary tamarind sauce with a few types of peppers, with s fresh cilantro garnish. For a drink, I chose a Bruce Cost unfiltered pomegranate ginger ale (with hibiscus).

This lunch is helping me become less congested than I was this morning. Also, the flavors are fabulous: the dense tamarind sauce plays with the rice and the broth very nicely, and the chicken is tender and warm. The ginger ale is one of the best ginger ales I’ve ever tasted.

In these days of reflection, whatever religion, gender, race, age, sexual preference or political party we identify with, let’s hope we can find whatever answers we are all seeking. And, that the monster cold’s stronghold must end…soon!


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