A dog before the doctor’s appointment: Grey’s Papaya @ 72nd St. and Broadway, New York, NY 2/28/17

There’s no rest for the wicked, even on Mardi Gras.

 After attending a birthday breakfast meeting at LPA and visiting with co-workers, I had a doctors appointment looming at 1 pm. Lunch today has to be swift and cheap, cheap, cheap.

Thanks to my co-worker John, Grey’s Papaya became the place. (Thanks John!)

This iconic hot dog stand is an all-time favorite for locals and tourists alike. The all-beef dogs are perfectly grilled, with your favorite toppings, and the juices are delightful.

I always pay extra for pineapple juice; it’s 100% juice. However, today instead of ordering two dogs like I usually do (the recession special), I ordered one. It was great as always, and was enough for today.

(Although, I do sometimes wish I was back in Bourbon St. in New Orleans today, watching the parades go by and catching beads…it would be more fun than waiting at the doctor’s.)

When will I get well again?


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