An all-chocolate lunch, thanks to a co-worker’s departure (and Stella): Items from Amy Bakery, c/o Library of the Performing Arts (NYPL) at Lincoln Center, and Starbucks @ 63rd Street and Broadway, New York, NY 1/15/17

I believe the main culprit today was Blizzard Stella; she touched down early yesterday morning with a vengeance, thus everything within a 15 mi. radius was closed. Today, the trains are backed up, the roads are barely shoveled (in Queens), and Harrison Behl, an amazing co-worker at LPA is leaving on Friday. (Thanks to the trains, he was late to his own party…)

It was a great party, with wonderful food items from Amy’s Bakery downstairs in the cafe. I gravitated towards the chocolate items; I don’t know why.

Afterward, I was “encouraged” to take some goodies with me. Okay, so this will be my lunch today, I told myself, so I grabbed some that resembled olive bread. (Turns out, they were chocolate-studded twists. Oops.)

Also, thanks to my co-worker John Migliore (who unfortunately took a sick day; we missed you man!), he finally brought in the thin mint boxes I ordered from the Girl Scouts (I used to be one; love them!), so I took mine and ran. 

Finally, I forgot about the chocolate cake pop I had hidden in my bag for the past two days, courtesy of Starbucks. Gee, I might as well eat it now…

So no healthy lunch today, but still interesting reminders of the past two mornings. For those effected in New York, safe travels, and try to keep warm. (And I will try to keep awake at my desk for the rest of the day ;))


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