Not a spicy curry: Khao Man Gai NY and The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/16/17

First outing to Falchi’s this week, hazah! It was pretty hazardous walking outside, with the falling icicles breaking off over our heads as they melt…

At the Doughnut Plant, I got a friendly reminder that today is Saint Patrick’s Day Eve. A few green items on the menu looked appetizing. However, main course comes before dessert…

I’ve seen today’s special advertised a couple of times before: Massaman Curry soup with rice: Tamarind-flavored broth, potatoes, chicken, onions, peanuts, grape tomatoes and  various spices with rice for $9. (Can also be ordered with tofu for a buck cheaper)

My previous adventures with curry dishes have been a mixed bag (sort to speak), and have been mostly too hot for my palate’s comfort. Today’s curry soup, however, you can feed this to a 5-year-old child without any problems, only if he/she loves the taste of tamarind. It was extremely mild. Flavorful, warm and savory, yes. Spicy, no.

(And I can tell that the makers/creators of the soup had to hold their favored spices back so others can eat it…)

It had a thick, “creamy” consistency with using any cream. Very soothing. The ginger tea added a tangy and steamy mouth-feel. (Funny, I didn’t taste any ginger in the soup…)

What was even more soothing was the triple chocolate mint doughnut from the Doughnut Plant. Green mache glaze with cool peppermint extract mixed in, on a chocolate cake sooooooo chocolatey! So cool!

So, it’s a pretty, mighty good lunch for Paddy’s penultimate day. (Am saving the Shamrock (if they still have them) for tomorrow…


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