$4 lunch & a $5 drink: Rib in a cup & The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/23/17

When the snow melts and the buds start to bloom on trees, my allergies become all-consuming. 😦

It’s odd, that I’ll list barbecue sauce as a possible bereave from the snot onslaught (heh), but I did at least breathe a bit better from my nose for at least 30 minutes. Thanks Rib in a Cup!

Almost everything on its menu as a version of Mac and cheese (like waffles?), so this was the only thing I could eat, sans the pork and the Mac products: Fried chicken in a cup ($3) and a side of coleslaw ($1) = $4.

(I could had also ordered the corn bread, for an extra buck but I just didn’t feel judgmental today; corn bread at most New York establishments/honky-tonks are pretty disappointing. Besides, I was mostly curious about the BBQ sauce; I’m a connoisseur…)

I pick up the chicken leg; I can tell it has great heft and skin crunch, even before I take my first bite. It’s covered with a red topping for the skin; I can’t tell what it’s made of, but its crunch was great, the taste was savory, and the chicken was very tender, very pull-away from the bones, very flavorful. The coleslaw was good, it was not soupy, but it looked like it was made in only 10 seconds, before it was left behind at the kitchen table for several hours. Good taste, but it wasn’t too clean on the palette.

The sauce was great, it would be a good fit for most smoked meats. I wish the tattooed cook would had some beef products on the menu; the sauce would be killer for those meats. (Good for both Texas and Kansas City barbecues)

The hot chocolate at the Doughnut Plant, made with almond milk and Valrhona chocolate was divine, at $4.84.

Back to the dusty 10-inch reels. It was good to dream and remember old times for a while.


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