Pies and doughnuts on his first day: Stolle Bakery and the Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/27/17

Yes, darlings…I did break my carnal rule of not going to the Doughnut Plant two days in a row. First off, I was on the Lower East Side, and it was part of a food tour. Second, today is my co-worker John’s first day here. 

Welcome John! We’ve missed working with you in the same building for 6 long months! So, I’m thrilled he’s finally here. And, he makes a wonderful lunch buddy.

Today, thanks to our co-worker Crystal, we headed straight to Stolles. Ah, Stolles…where the Eastern European pies are filled to the brim with good, good things. John chose the rabbit (non-gamey meat mixed with sour cream and dill, with mushrooms and onion), and I had the salmon, Crystal’s favorite, mainly because it’s just salmon with some dill, in the 18th French tradition (or so the sign says), but without onion.

(Crystal hates onions. Very weird. However, now I have a taster for pork and cheesy dishes! Thanks John!)

The one thing I will comment upon about my Stolle salmon pie, is that the cashier broiled it trying to heat it up; the latticed dough pocket was slightly burned on the top. The inside salmon was still phenomenal, though…

Yes, I was the bad one who insisted on doughnuts. It’s John’s first day! And I have never tried the black-and-white cake doughnut yet (research). He ate the coconut cream yeast doughnut, shaped like a square with a hole in the middle. Both were fantastic. 

It’s a new week, and I’m feeling good. Hope John likes it here, eventually.


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