What the Fuze? Tea or something else strawberry…: Pizza Prezzemo or Pizzeria Sicilia, 31-25 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 3/28/17

It’s raining hard today, so I’m going to the pizza place next door. Even with rubbery cheese, the mushroom slice is warm and crispy in a pinch for $3.

What is puzzling (besides them changing their name of the establishment, so one has no idea what it’s called nowadays) is Coca Cola’s version of iced tea, mainly Fuze Strawberry Red Tea. At 130 calories, it’s mostly sugar (fructose, sucralose and the like), and they add 2 cool vitamins: B6 and B12, to make it seem more healthy than it actually is. And the “natural strawberry flavor”…right!

It tastes nothing like iced tea. It reminds me of a flat Kool-aid. Yuck. Very disappointing indeed. I need the real thing, freshly brewed, sans sugar.

It was quick and cheap ($4.75 total); I’ll give it that.


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