Spanish takes on two sandwiches: Don Tapas @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens, 4/4/17

Yes, a part of me wants to just throw some needed caution to the wind, and just order one of the sweet pies from Stolles Bakery for lunch, but I just can’t do it now. After a long day of inventory and listening to one of my friends complain about his family dynamics for about an hour over the phone while I was working (oh boy), I was ready to escape for a while. I knew sweets were not going to be a good choice of a crutch to use today.

Thank God for John, my co-worker; yes, he did try to steer me into Sweetland, but he did cheer me up and also ate a sandwich with me. Both sandwiches were from Don Tapas, and had some protein:

My sandwich = mondillo: A tuna salad mixed with red onions and garlic (yummy Spanish twist of flavors), with sliced tomatoes and avocados.

John’s sandwich = mondillo: Furi-Furi, or a grilled turkey/Swiss cheese with green apple and dried tomato. The spices also were garlicky to the taste.

Both mondillos were excellent. (I tasted mostly the turkey with my one bite of his Furi-Furi, so I didn’t get the whole experience of his blessed sandwich. Sorry John. He said it was great, so I’m sticking with it!)

We also ordered flavored sparkling water with opposing palates (his was prickly pear; mone was pomagrante and orange). It was very refreshing. So was our conversation, which thankfully put me in a happier mood. Thanks John!

(Oops, I forgot to take a picture; my bad)



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