Lazy lunch while monitoring: Chawlas 2, 216 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10003 3/30/17

Today (or last Thursday), I did a mitsvah: I picked up my friend from his colonoscopy operation and kept an eye on him for the rest of the day. However, since he had only 90-minutes of anesthesia, he had no ill-side effects, except maybe seeing everything in rectangular vision for the first two hours. “So weird,” he commented with glee.

At least he’s sedated and happy. Awesome. Since enduring a 2-day fast of eating nothing but yellow JELL-O (it’s smells like champagne! ok…), a big lunch was in order.

In Grammercy Park on 3rd Ave., Chawlas 2 seemed like the best bet. This place has been operating in the area since 1960. Great! Another great thing was their extensive “All you can feast menu” for lunch, which we both ordered from: 

1. 1 item from the tandoor: Tandoori chicken (me) and Ivani Fish (him),

2. 1 item from the fryer: Amritsari fish (me) and Chilly chicken (him)

3. 1 item from the handi: Chicken tikka masala (me) and Kadhai Chicken (him), with rice and naan (garlic me, onion kulcha him)

4. Sides: samosas (both) with salad and sauces.

5. Desserts: homemade Kesar Kheer, rice pudding (both)

6. Drinks (not included in the feast): Mango lassi (him), hot tea (me) and homemade chai tea 🙂 (both)

What a feast! Everything was fresh, and the flavors were quite wonderful. And so much food! I couldn’t eat for the rest of the day. It’s a cozy place with ketchy paintings. And the service was awesome. I must go here again.

We were the only customers there, and it was quite hilarious grilling my friend about “today’s pop music” from the NJ radio channel we were listening to. Rihanna sounds like her own person, not Beyoncé…

It was nice to have a two-hour-and-some-change lunch, whether my eating companion was ailing or not.

(The picture below was just the appetizers…wow)


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